DATA CAN DO, dba XH Smart USA,, runs the North American market operations for XH Smart Card Singapore Ltd, an international manufacturer, and global technology leader, of smart cards with manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Taiwan, Bangladesh, China, India, South Africa, and soon in Mexico.

XH Smart USA, is a fully certified and qualified smart card manufacturer offering a full range of smart card products, (U)SIM cards from native SIM to Java 5G and eSIM. We offer various products for the M2M industry with different grades (Industrial, Automotive, Consumer, etc..) and different packaging. We have M2M products which can be used for smart meters, GPS trackers, smart lighting, smart parking, and so many other applications.

Shipments exceed 1 billion cards annually.

XH Smart USA,is proud to report our Worldwide #4 ranking in the Telecom SIM category according to the industry reporting authority, The NILSON 2018 report. Please refer to this ranking as positive reinforcement that XH Smart USA is an industry leader and reliable SIM resource for your business.

XH Smart USA, works closely with the industry’s technology innovation leaders and mobile operators on the latest development projects like 5G and eSIM. We are partnering with our customers in varying markets to test their 5G networks, and working with customers involved in eSIM testing and deployment wherever their project needs take them.

SIM Card

A Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) or standard SIM card, can be a removable or fixed smart card inside a mobile device, which stores data unique to the owner and allows the device to communicate over a network. If removed from the device, the device is not able to operate unless replaced.

DATA CAN DO offers the global industry’s complete assortment of SIM cards in all sizes, services, and standards.

DATA CAN DO specializes in both SIM and eSIM technologies and solutions, supporting our customers in their efforts to be truly mobile and securely connected.


eSIM, or embedded SIM card, is a small chip inside a mobile device that allows connectivity to a cellular network supported by a carrier like DATA CAN DO.

eSIM technologies are being rapidly deployed in consumer and industrial applications. In smart cars, smart cities, smart homes, PCs, Tablets, and laptops, handheld devices, wearable devices, IoT devices and much more. There will be billions of devices using the eSIM technology in the near future.

Newer smart phones are now coming to market with both standard SIM card (with removable slot) and eSIM capabilities. eSIM allows consumers to store multiple phone numbers/profiles on a single device. The ability to switch between profiles makes it great for travelers or business and personal users Soon enough however, smartphones will no longer need a physical SIM card or SIM card slot as eSIMs are rewriteable, allowing the user to change providers and/or plans easily.

Advantages of eSIM are:
• Smaller devices-more flexibility in design as less physical space is needed within a device
• Seamless, easier, and faster mobile connections
• Simplified device setup and logistics
• Cost reductions
• New revenue streams

eSIM is a globally-backed (GSMA accredited) remote SIM specification for mobile devices. This universal approach will grow the Internet of Things by allowing manufacturers to build a new range of products for global deployment based on this common embedded SIM architecture.

DATA CAN DO is leading the way, Let us help you connect to the future.

M2M SIM Cards

A Machine-To-Machine (M2M) SIM card allows connectivity via a network of devices (versus a single device) that are connected to the Internet. M2M allows machines to ‘talk’ to one another without human intervention. Connected devices can become automated which can then pass data between them making processes more accurate and efficient.

DATA CAN DO offers many existing and quickly developing applications (e.g.- Tracking, Remote Management, Metering, Healthcare, and much more) which can be automated to provide exceptional solutions and business results.

DATA CAN DO offers M2M back office support which allows you to monitor and control your data use and activity via your own personalized client portal.

M2M solutions are typically a less expensive alternative than standard SIMs as less data is used (typically data only versus video and/or texting).

Let DATA CAN DO create and design a very specific and flexible custom M2M solution to meet your company’s needs.